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The manual packing heads and the UNO unpacking/packing machine UNO save time and money

The unpacking and packing of your products has to function well – even with small quantities or special bottle types.
RICO manual packing heads simplify the manual packing of bottles into cases. They are simple to operate and inexpensive to purchase, equipped with RICO long term bottle grippers and produced individually according to customer specifications.
If you would like greater automation for your production, then choose the UNO unpacking/packing machine, which will take over the emptying/filling of cases for you. 7,200 bottles can be packed in one hour.

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Fully automatic swing stopper installation machine – for consistent quality and lower costs

Automated production lines with high-precision measurement technology have become indispensable in the industry. They reduce costs and ensure consistent quality. The advantages compared to manual production methods are obvious.
With our swing stopper machines we are already a world leader. Now we are expanding our portfolio to include a swing stopper installation machine. The machine installs up to 6,000 swing stoppers/h fully automatically. The correct installation is monitored by a camera. We guarantee for your production highest output at highest quality.

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Chamber pasteurisers for 6 pallets

Efficient, uncomplicated and perfectly hygienic – that’s what the pasteurisation process needs to be. Our new chamber pasteuriser for 6 pallets meets these requirements. It convinces not only with low acquisition costs but also with the latest control technology.

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Rico-Swing stopper closing machine 
BVH 3.5

Our swing stopper series BVH 3.5 to BVH 32 are based on almost 25 years of experience but we are never going to rest on our laurels. All Rico machines are constantly revised and refined to meet the latest hygienic guidelines. Today, we present to you the new BVH 3.5, which once more incorporates the latest findings in its design.

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RICO Rubber Seal Changer GW 10

All Rico machines are constantly being developed and revised in accordance with the latest hygiene findings.18 years of experience with this technology have also flowed in our new Rubber Seal Changer GW 10. The removal of the old rubber seal is carried out using pressurized water and thus without any mechanical contact between the machine and the seal. Cameras monitor the process and the cleanliness of the seals and toggles.

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Our chamber pasteurisers –
maximum benefits for your production

RICO chamber pasteurisers offer design and construction benefits based on our many years of experience in combination with high energy efficiency and modern control technology. Our pasteurisers are suitable for mobile applications, conceived for outdoor installations and, depending on the model, designed for 1 to 12 pallets.

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We check and change - For optimum hygiene

Cleaning in beverage and food production often involves huge amounts of time and money. The best results can only be achieved by using systems that incorporate the latest hygiene standards as early as the construction process, since easy cleaning increases machine availability.

It is therefore important to consider hygienic design even when planning new production systems and equipping them with the latest testing technologies.

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Bottle grippers and gripper heads for all bottles and all application areas.

RICO bottle grippers are available for all bottles and every area of application and have a service life that is three times longer than other grippers, meaning you will be well equipped for heat waves and production peaks.

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Mr. Markus Sauter
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Mrs. Jasmine Plew (Sales)
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