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Chamber pasteurizers

Chamber or batch processing

Cutting-edge energy and control technology combined with low purchase and installation costs make your decision for a RICO chamber pasteurizer easy.

The fully automatic process control can be adapted effortlessly to the different process parameters of a variety of products and at the same time allows for the documentation of process data.

Energetically highly efficient thermal insulation ensures a large, usable interior volume despite small external dimensions and noticeably reduces operating costs.


Standard configuration:

(for 1-12 pallets per throughput):

  • Stainless steel design
  • Statistical data recorder
  • Several retrievable pasteurization programmes
  • Temperature measurements inside
    the bottle incl. a digital display
  • Residual steam blowout
  • Throughput time: 40-50 minutes
  • Pasteurization data recording to a USB storage device and the customer’s network



  • Lift gate
  • Available as a continuous throughput system for increased outputs with pallet feed and discharge conveyors
  • Version with heavy-duty castors
  • Flexible steam line
  • Special version for outdoor installation

You will find all options in the attached form. Request a quote!


Your advantages:

  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to improved 100 mm thick, high-quality insulation
  • High-quality workmanship Stainless steel construction and pneumatic components from Festo
  • Shortest response times thanks to integrated remote maintenance (as standard)
  • Stable construction including impact protection, designed for harsh production environments with forklift loading
  • Maintenance-friendly design Fan wheels can be replaced from below
  • Optimum steam circulation Large-diameter fan wheels inside the chamber
  • Optimum air circulation and easiest forklift loading thanks to the large interior
  • Steam exhaust valves After pasteurization, steam is automatically vented from the pasteurizer via a chimney When the door is opened almost no steam is released
  • Modern quality data recording Pasteurization data is recorded on a USB stick or sent to production control systems via the network
  • More than 40 years of experience in the construction of chamber pasteurizers with over 300 installed units
  • The latest fully automatic pasteurization and process monitoring controls allow for individual adjustments for different customer products to achieve the best possible pasteurization results
  • Uniform heating of the pasteurization products proven in numerous measurement tests throughout the entire chamber pasteurizer
  • Extreme flexibility thanks to mobile design versions and optional outdoor installation.
  • Customer-specific special versions on request
  • Meets strict hygiene requirements
  • Minimal personnel requirements
  • Low product lossSpace saving
  • Cost effective thanks to low investment costs, energy savings and low spare part requirements


Technical Details:

Performance1-12 Euro pallets (other pallets on requests)
Insulation100 mm
Savings thanks to the insulation’s
improved insulating properties

2-pallet device:
1 kWh per pasteurization process = up to 1,400 euros per year
(steam generation using electricity)

12-pallet device:
4 kWh per pasteurization process = up to 1,500 euros per year
(steam generation using natural gas)

Connection values400 V / 50 Hz + N + PE
Compressed air feed line6 mm2
Compressed air operating pressure4,5 up to 6 bar
Compressed air connectionNW 7 coupling plug
Required steam pressure0.5–1 bar (with the steam valve open)
Steam connectionDN40 / DN65 depending on the size of the plant
ControlSiemens S7 with TP 700 Touch Panel



More pictures:

Pasteurizer with lift gate:

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