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Project description: Empties sorting systems


Due to the increased mixing degree in the case of returned empties problems and disturbances may occur in the filling line due to the unnecessary input of large amounts of foreign bottles. The inevitable effect is a drastic loss of power. In order to operate the bottling line with a constantly high degree of efficiency, it is mandatory to fill the line with correctly sorted empties.


  • Optimal utilization of the available space
  • Connection to the existing filling line
  • Low employment of staff
  • Expandable for the future

and this can be realized within a period of 4 months RICO has been ready to tackle this challenging task, has taken over the complete project planning and has been the interface of all partners.


Plant capacity of up to 1,000 cases per hour, to be operated by only two workers.

Expandable to 1,500 cases per hour by the use of a second sorting robot.

  • Combined layer palletizer / depalletizer with two gripper heads
  • Complete case transport system with various distributor steeps
  • Junction steeps
  • Case stoppers
  • Pallet transport system
  • Belt antiseize agent dosing system
  • Case transport control system
  • Project engineering and realisation
  • Case control system
  • Sorting robot
  • Transfer systems 

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