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Project description: Packaging machines


To plan a complete bottling and packaging line in which are integrated all required units ranging from new glass to the pallets ready for dispatch on less than 200m is really a challenge.
Storage space that is indispensable for the smooth running operation must be reduced to a just justifiable minimum.

Our solution

Our packaging machines have especially been reduced to your installation size and newly designed according to the plurality of your cardboards Minimum cardboard width 75mm.

Technical data

Plant capacity:
3,000 bottles per hour

8 different sizes
72 mm up to 96 mm

pre-glued and pre-cut cardboard
3 bottles/cardboard and 6 bottles/cardboard as well as palletizing

Scope of delivery

  • Semi-automatic new glass removing system
  • Packer type VARI, 1-head with universal packing head
  • Cardboard turn-up system with hot glue
  • Cardboard closer with hot glue
  • Palletizer robots with vacuum suction grippers
  • Empty pallet magazine
  • Bottle transport
  • Package transport
  • Pallet transport
  • Packaged goods pallet stretcher

More pictures:

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