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Rubber seal changer GW 10

Optimum swing stopper hygiene.
Maximum protection against complaints.


The removal of old rubber seals as well as the simultaneous cleaning of porcelain or plastic toggles is no longer performed mechanically but with high pressure water.

The result: Contaminants are no longer spread across the toggles; there is no mechanical wear on the separation unit, no damage or wear caused by glued toggles.


  • Optimum swing stopper hygiene and therefore maximum protection against complaints
  • Very high rubber seal replacement rate
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to the wear-resistant drive concept and rubber seal removal unit
  • Compatible with our proven rubber seal inspector detects soiled rubber seals
  • Convertible to different bottle formats via a height adjustment feature
  • Process-secure rubber seal placement thanks to a new rubber seal installation unit with integrated expansion mechanism
  • Designed in line with the latest hygiene guidelines

Technical details

  • 10 000 bottles / h
  • Sorting head with fill-level monitoring for the rubber seals
  • PLC control system
  • Modern, maintenance-free transmission and drive system
  • Camera technology for testing:
    The removal of old rubber seals, installation of new rubber seals, toggle soiling
  • Remote maintenance module via the customer’s network



  • Rejection system for the safe rejection of empty bottles while upright
  • Filling device for the sorting head
  • Production data capture

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