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History - RICO

1972 - Packaging machines
From 1972 to today we’ve installed over 400 packaging machines of varying designs.

1973 - Chamber pasteuriser
Old pasteurising plant had to be bricked in permanently and there was no air circulation system. RICO built the first mobile chamber pasteuriser of stainless steel with insulation and air circulation. There are now 250 of them worldwide. We’re the global market leader in the field.

1988 - Revolution in bottle gripper technology
The development of the mechanical bottle gripper LZT by RICO was a milestone in bottle packaging and unpacking technology. They’re now in use in their millions in all sizes.

1995 - Swing stopper
The first swing stopper installation machine capable of handling 4,000 bottles an hour went into operation after six months development and construction. We now make individual machines with a capacity of up to 40,000 bottles an hour.

RICO became a Pütz Group subsidiary in June 2012.

Relocation to new company building in Ellwangen.

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