Reihenpalettierung, Lagenpalettierung
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Maximum benefits for your production

Chamber pasteurizers with automatic loading and unloading

The provisioning and removal take place independently of the pasteurization process!
The finished pasteurized products are automatically removed from the back, so the next batch of pallets can be made ready at the front independently of the pasteurization process.

This reduces the loading and unloading frequency.

  1. Automatic lift gate on the front and back

  2. Pallet infeed conveyor

  3. Pallet outfeed conveyor

Your benefits:

  • Smoother workflows due to buffer spaces
  • Relief of forklift traffic
  • Lower staffing requirements
  • Improved logistics
  • Loading is possible from two sides


Take advantage of the synergy effects that result from our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP! In addition to machines and plants for the beverage industry, we can also offer you the right testing technology.

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