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RICO Rubber Seal Changer GW 10
We change at high pressure.

The development of our new, patented Rubber Changer GW 10 is based on the 18 years of experience that we have with this technology. The result: with this product we offer you the best hygiene for the swing top and thus the best possible security against complaints. The removal of the old rubber seal and the simultaneous cleaning of the porcelain or plastic toggle is no longer carried out mechanically but rather with high pressure water. For you this means: no smudging of soiling on the toggle as can happen, for example, during brushing, no mechanical wear to the separation unit, no damage and no wear from stuck toggles (2K and 3K).



  • 10 000 bottles / h
  • Removal of the rubber seals and simultaneous cleaning of the toggle with water at high pressure
  • The integrated camera technology verifies
    • Removal of the old rubber seal
    • Application of the new rubber seal
    • Soiling of the toggle
  • Drive transmission using low maintenance gearwheel


Your benefit:

+ Best hygiene for flip top and thus greatest possible security against complaints
+ Very high rubber seal change rate
+ Low maintenance costs because the drive concept and rubber seal separation unit
   are low wear
+ Can be combined with our proven rubber seal inspector for the detection of soiled
   rubber seals
+ Can be converted to different bottle formats through height adjustment
+ Reliable rubber seal application process with new rubber seal application
   unit with integrated spreading mechanism
+ Designed in accordance with the latest hygiene guidelines



Integrated as standard:

  • Sorting head with fill level monitor of rubber seals
  • PLC controls
  • Remote maintenance module via customer network
  • Camera technology tests removal of old rubber seal, application of new rubber seal, soiling of toggle


  • Removal system for safe, standing removal of empty bottles
  • Filling equipment for sorting head
  • Operating data acquisition




Thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not just machines and equipment for the beverage industry, but also the appropriate testing technology.


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