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Good reasons for... RICO

We have it all packed up!
Bottle grippers and gripper heads for all bottles and all application areas.


Manual packing heads

For the processing of
smaller bottle quantities
or special bottle types.

Special gripper

To grip PET bottles during
the screwing process.


Packing heads for packing machines

Such as e.g.:

RICO-VARI – the packing machine

  • Variable for all bottles, crates and boxes
  • Fast and simple format adjustment
  • Up to 450 cycles/hour



RICO-ROBO – the packing robot


  • Easy set up – and still fl exible in use
  • Can be moved in all directions
  • Universal packing head optional with automatic format adjustment
  • Up to 500 cycles/hour

Other packing machines (on request)



The advantages at a glance:

+ Very durable

robust plastic turned part (not an injection-moulded part), all gripper heads
are equipped with RICO LZT long-term bottle grippers or flip-top bottle grippers

+ Universal
for all glass bottles from 46 mm in diameter,
for all PET bottles and flip-top bottles

+ Customised
customer-specific and machine-specific design

+ Reliable
secure grip on the bottle

+ Flexible
suitable for all areas of use

+ Fast
easy replacement of wearing parts,
quick and easy format adjustment

+ Save resources
50% less compressed air consumption
than conventional bottle grippers


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