Reihenpalettierung, Lagenpalettierung
Good reasons for... RICO

Economical palletizing and depalletizing
of 6-unit reusable crates by

robot-guided double gripper 

    Two in one: the double gripper is able to handle bottles and crates!

    A: Gripper for bottles
    B: Gripper for crates

    Your benefits:

    • Processes 6-unit reusable crates (wine/fruit juices)
    • Palletizing and depalletizing of crates and unpacking of bottles  
    • Packing of bottles and crates without gripper change
    • Larger capacity than conventional rippers:
      processes 4 crates lengthwise or 6 crates crosswise
    • Sensors for determining the position of the double gripper
    • Space-saving, precise placement of the crates
    • No knocking over of other crates because the gripper grips the inside of the crate


    Take advantage of the synergy effects that result from our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP! In addition to machines and plants for the beverage industry, we can also offer you the right testing technology.

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