Reihenpalettierung, Lagenpalettierung
Good reasons for... RICO

Small performance ranges

in the case, quickly and economically

Have you had to go to the trouble of manually packing small quantities or special bottle types up to now? Or do you simply not have the money to invest in expensive machines? This is why RICO offers both its manual packing heads and the UNO unpacking and packing machines, which are good value solutions that allow you to automate the packing anyway.


Your benefit:

  • Durable all packing heads with RICO patented long term bottle grippers LZT (robust plastic turned part, not an injection moulded part)
  • Customised planning that is specific to each customer and machine
  • Simple replacement of wearing parts
  • Simple operation using the manual valve and balancer
  • Secure gripping of the bottles
  • Great performance Unpacking and packing machine UNO: 7 200 bottles/hour


RICO packing heads and packing grippers

keep their promises.



Thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not just machines and equipment for the beverage industry,  but also the appropriate testing technology.


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