Reihenpalettierung, Lagenpalettierung
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Increased automation. Increased productivity.

New depalletizing system with additional gripper solution

As a competent and reliable partner for the entire process chain, we can offer you our new system for depalletizing and gripping sustainable reusable wine bottles. It not only depalletizes boxes in a longitudinal and transverse format but also removes the reusable wine bottles from the filled boxes and places them on the bottle table.

This means that increased automation will lead to increases in your productivity.

  1. Centring station (5 layers with grouped rows of boxes in a longitudinal and transverse format)
  2. Formatting station
  3. Gripper head
  4. Bottle table
  5. Empty pallet store

The system can handle up to 10 pallets per hour.

Functional description:
The robot gripper is able to grip boxes positioned on the pallet in a longitudinal and transverse format and can place them on the formatting station. At the formatting station, 4 boxes in a longitudinal format are rotated into a transverse direction at the rotation stopper and, together with 6 boxes in a transverse format, pushed into a transverse position. Once their presence and correct positioning has been successfully verified using sensors, the bottle gripper removes the bottles from the box and places them on the bottle table. Empty pallets are moved to the empty pallet store and stacked on top of one another.


Take advantage of the synergy effects that result from our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP! In addition to machines and plants for the beverage industry, we can also offer you the right testing technology.

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