Reihenpalettierung, Lagenpalettierung
Good reasons for... RICO

Optical inspection + Control modernisation

This is how we ensure the quality of your crates


We supply a testing system or retrofit your existing system so that crates can be reliably checked for completeness and the presence of the cap on the bottle and, if necessary, ejected.

We use state-of-the-art control and optical inspection technology for this purpose.



Your benefits:

  • Feasibility analysis and determination of a cost-efficient solution
  • Integration of testing technology into existing systems
    (also third-party manufacturers)
  • Delivery of a new testing system
  • Control system modernisation
    S7 control system with touch panel in co-operation with Pütz Prozessautomatisierung
  • Various checking options:
    Presence, alignment, position determination, size check, text evaluation of codes or normal text
  • Simple teach-in depending on the application thanks to AI support:
    Only good and bad parts need to be taught in, no manual definition of characteristics required
  • Fast support via remote maintenance possible


Take advantage of the synergy effects that result from our integration into the Pütz Group! In addition to machines and plants for the beverage industry, we are able to equip your plant with the most modern control and vision technology.

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